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Garden Rambling ‘Oh What a beautiful morning…’

June 7, 2011

This morning I went out to the garden firmly resolved to plant more sunflower seeds.  The reason was the rabbits have eaten many of the last crop of seedlings.  I so very much want to do the photographic studies of sunflowers that I have been planning for this summer.

Yet when I entered the backyard the sun was just coming over the horizon spraying a golden glow over everything.  This is my first full year of having magnolia trees in my own yard.  It is so different having the trees where I can observe the blossoms daily.  There was one blossom I have been keeping a close watch on.  As I looked over at it the sun was shining through the trees and glancing off of it.  And to make things better there was only the slightest of breezes.  So I changed my mind and went back inside for my camera and my tripod attached blossom stabilizer, just to be sure.  Thereon ensued a most wonderful hour.  I kneeled before, crawled around and stood over that blossom and recorded the many different moods as the sunlight changed.  What have I recorded?  At this point I don’t really know.  I will have to process the RAW files and composite them before I will begin to able to see the real character of the images.  But I am satisfied that the time I spent was spent well.


It was a cool, beautiful morning and I accomplished a lot in the total scheme of my life but it was not what I had set out to do for that day.  I enjoyed myself tremendously.  That’s just the way life is supposed to be.

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It seems we have had the snowfall of the century.  or was it the last hundred years.  Why are we all so intrigued with records?  What’s the point?  As I sit here in my studio I am looking out on a beautiful landscape.  Snow covers everything.  It is hanging off of the trees.  Outside my studio door the porch has snow up to the top of the first glass pane.  There will be some shoveling in my future.  But for now all I see is the beauty, the other-worldliness.

There are no signs of life out there.  No, wait a minute, on closer inspection I do see animal tracks in the snow.  I wonder what it is?  It’s a red fox.  Probably the one I saw last Saturday.  He’s over by the Tractor barn.  For the fun of it I am going to set up my camera with the 200-400mm telephoto lens and see if I can record an image of him.  He has made a resting spot and settled down so all I can see of him is an ear.  I’ll keep on glancing over to see if he sticks his head up enough to record his image.

That seems about it for signs of life.  The sky is lightening.  It a light shade of pink at the horizon transitioning to a light blue with a gradient (photographer talk) up to a darker blue directly overhead.  Already some of the snow is starting to fall from the boughs of the evergreen trees.  With a puff and a fluff it disintegrates into a white dust and falls to the ground.  The snow covers so much.  I see my 45 oak stakes sticking 4 feet into the air.  They remind me of the 45 dahlia plants which I did not have time to dig up this year.  I was too busy preparing for my trip to China where I had a solo show at the Lishui Photo Festival.

I will have to start over again by ordering new tubers from Swann’s Dahlias.  That is actually alright with me since I want to get more collerettes to photograph in this coming season.  I think one of the pleasures of the snow is what it covers up.  The garden cleanups that I was unable to do before winter set in are hidden.  I know they are there but I can more easily push them out of my mind and turn my attention to the coming season.

There are seed catalogs to examine and new photography software to learn and new pictures to create and my annual New Year’s Card to create and …  Beautiful, beautiful snow you have released me to concentrate on other things that are important to do at this time of year.

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